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For the latest in security protection technology for your home or business in Brisbane, including app-connected streaming CCTV and Home Alarm systems, depend on Fallon Solutions. Discover the benefits:


Our solutions provide complete security peace of mind, and a new level of control of your security system that was unimaginable just a few years ago. SecurityThe security system covers your doors and windows, can monitor broken glass, and can connect your home to immediate monitoring assistance.

  • CCTV SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM: CCTV has multiple layers of protection. As the first line of defence, it can be a deterrent for intruders. It can then help you identify who, what, when and how in real time. SecurityThis assists the process of investigation in the event of a break and enter. We can install up to 8 cameras for most effective surveillance and protection. Once installed, you have complete control and can monitor from your smartphone with around the clock visibility thanks to the infrared technology. Movement tracking makes it easy to pinpoint and mark the exact moment the cameras have detected activity.
  • ALARM SYSTEM: Our NESS alarm system is designed to deter intruders at the point of entry. Your home can be covered from 8 to 16 zones with 24/7monitoring that you can access and control from your smartphone.
  • The system also comes with different touch screen keypad options that can blend in with your home décor. The easy to use interface includes an arming and disarming system, emergency alarm, program timer and emergency telephone number storage.


SecurityDepend on the leading security technology:

  • HD CCTV playback for accurate identification
  • View footage on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Install up to 8 cameras
  • Movement tracking and marking to easily find the point of intrusion
  • A 1 terabyte hard drive (expandable up to 6 terabytes)
  • Infrared for night vision
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Our alarm systems’ features include:

  • 8 to 16 zone detectors
  • Program timers
  • Telephone number storage
  • Smartphone interface and controllable (ios and Android)
  • Back to base and smartphone alerts/monitoring
  • 2-year warranty on all parts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Up to 56 separate login ID’s
  • Partial Alarming mode (perimeter security overnight)
  • Panic/Emergency button
  • Fire Alarm optional additions
  • Heavy duty battery back up
  • Event recall (recall last 30 events)
  • Keypad choice options to home décor
  • Up to 3 x separate control pads


All of our work is backed up by a written warranty for your full assurance.


Our technicians wear boot covers and place mats on all work areas to keep your home tidy, and we always clean up before leaving.

For superior security solutions for your home in Brisbane and surrounding areas, call and speak with the team at Fallon Solutions today.

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